Established in the year 1983

About Us

Adarsh Surgicals is a one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of wide-range of highly demanded finest quality Surgical Instruments in India.

Adarsh Surgicals offers diverse range of hair transplant instruments and products to help and assist specialist surgeons in hair restoration surgery making us most popular surgical instruments brand in the market.

At Adarsh Surgicals, we design and precision manufacture these instruments for surgical surgeons to greatly improve patient results and increase overall efficiency for maximum usability and the highest end results available today. As a result, we are one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of surgery instruments.

The Adarsh Surgicals tools line helps guarantee numerous successful procedures that medical surgeons and their patients takes pride to showcase their end results and hence our products are endorsed and recommended by the leading medical surgeons of India.


Instruments Wide-ranging Applications
You can select from a vast assortment of instruments products, such as the Dermojet, Derma blade, and more, which we provide for various medical applications. Our instruments and equipment are used for procedures, such as Dermabrasion, Liposuction, Skin Grafting, and Micropigmentation. Physicians from various fields use our products.
Some fields include:
- Dermatology
- Plastic Surgery
- Cosmetic Surgery

All the instruments and equipment that we make available to you are passed through a Certified Quality Management System, as per ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

Quality Standards

At Adarsh Surgicals, raw materials are acquired to meet technical specifications for our products keeping in mind the use of products in client activities. End finished products are regularly tested and maintained to meet industry standards.

Products are manufactured in compliance with the Indian and global quality standards. Our offered products are widely renowned in the marketplace for their features such as corrosion-resistant, durable, high finish, tempered materials, robustness and resilience.

High-quality operations bearing responsibility for the environment and that is why high quality, functional design, hygiene, and safety are important values for us.The new range of surgical instruments from Adarsh Surgicals sets new standards in quality, versatility and performance.

Client Satisfaction

Our organization has adopted various measures that have enabled us to attain maximum level of client satisfaction.

Our Products

  • Hair Transplant Instruments (Hair Transplant Slits, Hair Transplant Adaptors / Handle, Retractor for hair transplant, Hair Transplant Forceps, Jeweller hair transplant forceps , Implanting Jeweller forceps, Extracting Jeweller Forceps, 3 hole design hair transplant forceps, Implanting 3 hole design Forceps, Extracting 3 hole design Forceps, Implanting Forester Forceps, Extracting Forester Forceps, Implanting Castroviezo forceps, Extracting Castroviezo forceps, Thick body implanting forceps, Thick body extracting forceps, Adson hair implanting forceps, Adson hair extracting forceps, Adson brown hair implanting forceps, Adson brown hair extracting forceps, Hair Transplant Graft collector, Hair Transplant graft Chilling device, Hair Transplant Micro motor and hand piece, Hair Transplant Lens loupes, Hair line markers, Hair Transplant Punch storage box, Hair Transplant Silicon pillow, Hair transplant chair, Hair Transplant LED OT lights)
  • Micro Surgery Instruments (Micro Scissor, Micro Scissors Round body, Micro Scissors Flat Body, Micro Needle holder, Needle holder round body, Needle holder Flat Body, Micro forceps, Round Body Micro forceps, Jeweller micro forceps, Micro Groove forceps, 3 hole design micro forceps, Castroviezo Micro forceps, Gerald micro forceps, Gomel micro forceps, Adson micro forceps, Adson brown micro forceps, Vessel dilator micro forceps, Vascular Atraumatic forceps, Atraumatic forceps Round body, Atraumatic forceps Flat body, Vascular Bulldog clamp, Microvascular Clamps for vein, Microvascular Clamps for artery, Tubal clamps)
  • Dermatology Instruments
  • Liposuction Canula
  • Plastic Surgery Instruments
  • Maxillofacial Instruments
  • Rhinoplasty Instruments
  • Cleft and Palette
  • Neurosurgery Instruments


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